About Us

We’re a team of seasoned travelers who are now fulfilling the goal of visiting all countries around the world! In fact, this service appeared because we lacked information on tourist spots that would meet our personal interests. Therefore, we’re developing this personal travel planning service based on the interests of users.

Our website will help you:

1. Choose countries and cities. Our service will help you choose the best countries and cities, and with the help of our advanced filters, you’ll be able to make your personal choice.

2. Choose attractions. We’ll help you choose the most interesting attractions around the world as well as in specific countries. We have over 150 categories of attractions that are sorted by our unique rating system based on several hundred parameters!

3. Have an exceptional shopping experience. We’ll show you where the best places for shopping are and help you find interesting stores in the country that you’re going to visit.

4. Try delicious food and drinks. Interested in finding the best national dishes and drinks? Let us help you make the right choice! For each country, we’ve selected the most delicious national dishes and drinks that every traveler must try!

Not to mention, you can choose the best tourist regions and cities in each country, famous cultural heritage sites, the most exciting attractions and unique spots. Thanks to our budget calculator, you can check the real prices for accommodation, food and attractions. You can also get relevant information about transport and health care in each country you’re heading to.

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